About studio gruss sculptural omer counter

16 X 7 X 2 ½”

This original Omer calendar is a contemporary, sculptural piece consisting of seven levels stacked upon one another, representing the weeks of the Omer. The forty-nine prayers are engraved around each day, represented by a hole in which a metal ball rests, indicating the passing of the days. When a week of counting is complete, the sculpture is re-stacked, continually changing its appearance.  The Omer counter itself is made of brass and painted wood.   

 Unlike most of Gruss ceremonial pieces the Omer Calendar has no inlay work. The sculpture’s form is dictated by its functionality. As its shape continuously morphs, the calendar’s modern, intelligent design is pleasingly evident. Geometrical forms and vibrant colors add dimension to the art work. It is undoubtedly a wonderful conversation piece to be enjoyed during the Omer, as well as over the course of the year. 

Omer Idea 3.jpg

  a great idea that started with a golf ball