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creativity meets craftsmanship

Religion is a powerful catalyst for craftsmanship. The art and furnishings found in synagogues, museums and private collections created by Studio Gruss are among the finest.

When Studio Gruss approaches a project clients experience absolute commitment. Our background in fine arts and regard for elegance is a critical consideration when comparing Studio Gruss to other firms involved in religious art and synagogue design.


glass art

call us with your next project

Whether it calls for simple or intricate designs, large or small scale pieces, we will make use of our limitless capacity for creativity and innovation in order to translate your vision into reality, whatever budget restrictions are.

Our studio is made of excellent crafts people that believe a sanctuary is meant to be inspiring and beautiful and most of all spiritual. In designing such space Alex Gruss works closely with the architects and congregation members in charge of the project.


torah ark

our process

Metal, glass, wood and fabric, these are some of the materials Studio Gruss artisans’ master. Light is always at the core of the design. Viewed from the sanctuary’s entrance the Bimah area will be a vivid expression of spirituality and a welcoming destination.

The process is simple. We can visit your site or receive photos, carefully listen to your project’s objectives, provide with architectural/ artistic renderings and once becoming an integral part of your design team we will be totally devoted to creating high quality work in a timely fashion. 

lorelei gruss

For over twenty-five years artists Lorelei and Alex Gruss have maintained a philosophy of creating highly imaginative ceremonial objects and synagogue art which are pleasing to the eye, nourishing to the soul, and a satisfying challenge to the intellect.


Craftswoman Lorelei Gruss at work at her Brooklyn studio bench.